Talks Given in 2005

Talks Given in 2005

1 Sept 2005 9.30am

USM 1st. Year students interviewing Don and Mylene; Giving talk at USM. 2.30pm

2 Sept 2005
Giving talk at USM Mass Communications School. 10.30am

7 Sept 2005
Giving talk in conjunction with “Global Day of Action against Incineration” at Green Lane Community Hall ( behind IJM apartments) Date was changed to 9th Sept was not able to attend.

9 Sept 2005
Invited to Phase 4 Sri Rambai, Bkt Mertajam (We started them recycling some three years ago and they are doing very well).

10 Sept 2005
Giving talk at St. Xavier’s School. 11.30am

27 Sept 2005
Sentral Education Sdn. Bhd. 7pm

28 Sept 2005
Giving talk to Rotary Club Butterworth at Safira Club, Prai. Talk was successful. Message was well received. Good discussion during Q&A period. 8pm

29 Sept 2005
Talk at Clarion Sdn. Bhd. 10am

3 Oct 2005
Attending seminar on Climate change. 8.45am

6 Oct 2005
Talk at Church of Christ The King, Sungai Petani. 8pm

13 Oct 2005
Talk at Church of The Sacred Heart, Kulim. 7.30pm

18 Oct 2005
Talk at Sentral Edu., Penang. 7pm

15 Nov 2005
Ministry of Housing & Local Govt. Damansara. 9.15am

18 Nov 2005
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Pulau Tikus, Penang. 8pm

20 Nov 2005
Wanita MCA bukit Mertajam. 2.00pm

3 Dec 2005
Caring Society Complex,Jalan Utama,Pg.(Organised by Mensa M’sia.,Pg.branch). 3pm

9 Dec 2005
Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya (Organised by Penang Indian Entrepreneurs). 7pm