There’s Money In Old Newspaper

The New Straits Times
21 Feb 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: There is money to be made in recycling.

When Don Theseira and Mylene Ooi sold their first batch of newspapers to a recycling contractor, they made about RM2,500.

They had collected the newspapers from about 300 households in the neighbourhood.

They also thought it was a great way to make people think about recycling.

When Ooi discovered that a glass company was willing to buy recycled glass, she guided her neighbours to them.

The couple makes an average of RM400 a month re-selling items such as tins, glass and paper to their contractor.

And instead of taking cash, the contractor writes a cheque for the amount agreed upon, payable to the couple’s charity of choice.

The Lam Wah Ee Hospital in Penang, where the couple gave a talk a few years ago, started recycling household and hospital waste in 2002.

“They have generated RM83,000, which is used for the staff,” said Ooi.