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About Green Crusaders

GreenCrusaders.com belongs to two recycling enthusiasts, Don Theseira and Mylene Ooi, who started their household waste recycling project in 1996.


This retired couple are based in Bukit Mertajam, Penang but have travelled across Malaysia to educate various organisations, corporations and residents’ associations on the need to recycle household waste. They also teach the art of composting household scraps, using a method which Don has perfected over the years.


Don and Mylene have successfully combined recycling with charitable causes by donating the proceeds of each recycling project to charity organisations.

Besides being featured in countless magazines and newspapers over the years, they have also been awarded the title “Everyday Heroes” by Readers’ Digest in 2002 for their tireless efforts in helping the environment.


They present on how you can achieve zero waste, how to recycle your household waste and at the same time, how you can raise money for your favourite charity organisation. They:

  • are not NGO
  • are two people who are highly concerned for the enviroment
  • hope to create an awareness that the enviroment needs our protection
  • hope to change peoples’ mindsets about recycling
  • teach you a simpler, better and cleaner recycling method
  • are self-funded and work independently
  • have presented more than 250 talks on recycling and participated in 8 exhibitions


  • Reader’s Digest ‘Every Day Hero’ (featured in December 2002 issue)
  • Guang Ming Heroes (Chinese daily 14 April 2005)
  • Received PKT title given out by The Governor of Penang (13 July 2008)


  • Recipients of RM 8,000 grant from Ford Motor Company for year 2004
    (Conservation engineering category)
Media features
  • Her World magazine
  • Feminine (Chinese magazine)
  • New Straits Times
  • The Star
  • Chinese dailies

To invite them to give free educational talks to your company or your residents’ association, please contact them using the Contact form.