In The News

In the News

Here are some media and web write-ups about Green Crusaders.

The Star, 11 June 2007.
Couple believe simple habit of reusing containers goes a long way

The New Straits Times, 21 February 2007
For this Penang couple, almost nothing goes to waste

The New Straits Times, 21 Feb 2007
There’s money in old newspaper

MayaKirana, 5 September 2005
Aim for zero waste 

Best of Langkawi website, 31 August 2004
Earth Matters: Everyday Heroes of Recycling 

Berita Harian, 26 April 2004
Kitar Semula Untungkan Masyarakat


Here are some of our own news and updates about our recycling projects so far.

Celebrating 14 years in recycling

Celebrating 10 years in recycling