Right Way to Recycle

The right way to recycle resources from your household waste

What is Recyclable?The Art of Recycling
NewspaperTie into bundles; 4-5kg per bundle for easy handling
Books, magazine, loose paperTie into bundles; 4-5kg per bundle for easy handling
Glass bottles:?beer bottles, jam jars, sauce bottle etcRinse and group together
Cardboard:?large & small cartons, tissue boxes, shoe boxes & other types of cardboard boxesFlattened and tied to bundles according to sizes
Clear plastic:?mineral water botles, large & small oil bottles (PET 1)One group
Coloured plastic:?ice-cream container, liquid soap containers, pails, other plastic containersRinse. One group
Tin cans:?sardine, milk & all canned food tinsRinse. One group
Aluminium cans:?Coca cola, Pepsi,etcOne group
Usable old clothes:?shirts, shorts, long trousers, T-shirt, dressIn good condition & wearable

Also look at items which cannot be recycled.